Corrigin District High School aims to teach it's students a broad curriculum based on the current and emerging elements of the Australian Curriculum.

The major focus of our curriculum is Literacy and Numeracy, especially in the early years of schooling where solid foundations for future learning must be laid. CDHS follows the Early Years Learning Framework and the Director General of Education's statement on Early Learning.

In addition to Literacy and Numeracy, the school has a strong Science program from Pre Primary to Year 10 and all students are engaged in History and the Social Sciences (HaSS) or S & E as it used to be known.

Secondary School students are able to avail themselves of an options program that includes Home Economics, Woodwork, Metalwork, Media, Specialised Sport and the Bushrangers Cadet program.

Behind our Curriculum sits our Values program. Corrigin District High School is a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) school. Our values are encapsulated in the word ROAR (linked to the local football team, the Corrigin Tigers and the school's radio station, TigerFM.)

ROAR stands for Respect, Organisation, Achievement, Resilience. These are the core values that we expect all staff and students to demonstrate. Each of these values is highlighted on a fortnightly basis and students are rewarded with ROAR tickets if they are are seen to be displaying these values either inside or outside the classroom.